Our little catering truck is available for your next social event. We are based on the Sunshine Coast, QLD. We bring our truck to you and cook onsite. We also have a beachside venue available.

We use local, seasonal and ethical produce. Our prices include staff on site to cook and serve food.

How would you like to feed your guests?

little lunch

Our version of generously sized canapés. Plates passed around. Suitable for a stand-up occasion.

festival style

Think your favourite festival, open air, festoon lighting, good vibes and full bellies. All of these dishes are served in biodegradable disposables w/ bamboo cutlery.

grazing table

Think relaxed setting either sit down or stand up; two beautiful tables laden with eats for you to graze on as night falls.

big lunch

A festive sit-down affair, the same as we feed our families, food dotted down the table. One of each dish between 6-8 people. Shared meals and conversation.

late night snacks

For when the night fares on and you need a little something to mop up all the festivities.


Is there anything better than food cooked over coals?